Coach & Ref Info

BG Upward Sports is so blessed by the community’s service of volunteers, who help ensure that our programs run smoothly and soundly. Coaches and referees are the heartbeat and face of the program.  If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or ref at BG Upward Sports please fill out the form below!

HEAD COACH… Impact the lives of young athletes by volunteering as a head coach! Use your talents and passion for sport to make sure each player feels welcome, appreciated, inspired, and confident. Be the one to teach young athletes the rules of the game, help them develop new skills through sport-specific drills, and instill a competitive spirit that will prepare them for success in the game, and in life. Don’t worry, Upward Sports will be there with you all along the way and provide all the resources you’ll need to instruct your team and have a lasting impact in their lives.  TIME COMMITMENT: 2.5-3 HOURS A WEEK (1 hour practice; 1 hour game; 30 minutes – 1 hour preparation time)

ASSISTANT COACH… Make a difference in the lives of young athletes by helping the head coach teach both athletic skills and values for success on and off the court. Use this time to see if you might want to be a head coach in the future.  TIME COMMITMENT: 2 HOURS A WEEK (1 hour practice; 1 hour game)

REFEREE… Do you have a passion for the sport and have a working knowledge of the rules of the game? If so, use this gift to make an impact in the lives of young athletes as an Upward Sports Referee. Be the one who can make the necessary calls, uphold the integrity of the game, and help athletes improve their understanding of the sport. We need you!  TIME COMMITMENT: 1 HOUR A WEEK (Games are on Saturdays)

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